WordPress-Theme Twentynineteen sans-serif

WordPress 5.0 is out since 6th of December – and the new gutenberg-editor hyped me to update my super inactive webblog (this site ­čśë ) 

to keep things simple, i took the new default theme from wordpress, so called „Twentynineteen„, and startet to play around with the new editor. first view: i really like it.

but: i really, really, don’t like serif fonts. hoefler-style body text? wtf!? and no option to adjust the theme-fonts? meeehhhh ­čś«

so i forked the theme, changed the font, even reduced the font-size (22px? are we all going to be blind next year? ­čśë ) and published it back to github.

et voilà, if you prefer to sans-serif styles as well, just grab it the easy way:

git clone https://github.com/fifi/twentynineteen-sansserif.git

have fun ­čśë

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